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"Kailen did an engagement shoot for us last year and we were very happy with how all of the pictures came out. She was fantastic at capturing our relationship in a picture! In June we hired Kailen again, this time to photograph our wedding, and we couldn't be happier with EVERY single picture Kailen got! Not only the list of shots that we wanted, but many more, and she was very fun the entire time! I never even noticed Kailen during our ceremony because she did a great job at not drawing attention to herself, yet we have the best ceremony pictures! Many of our wedding guests have talked to us about how great our photographer was because every time something was happening at the reception, Kailen was right there to capture it! She is very professional, does fantastic work, and in a timely manner (she got our wedding album of over 1200 pictures back to us in 4 weeks)! We highly recommend!" -Rebecca

"You were everywhere and yet not intrusive! You are like a hummingbird! Floating in and out of the action...always with your ever-present beautiful smile. You were so aware of everything that was going on and working so hard to capture everything! It seemed every time I thought, 'I hope someone gets a picture of that' there you were!" - Jodi R.

"We hired Kailen to photograph our wedding and engagement announcement, she did an absolutely amazing job! She was able to capture every moment at the wedding beautifully. She was extremely professional and made us feel at ease in front of the camera during this process. The pictures came out beautifully. We admired Kailen's creative ability and how she captured a moment perfectly. She was very quick to deliver us our pictures, which we will now cherish forever! I would highly recommend Kailen for any event or special occasion you may have. Big or small, formal or casual, Kailen will document it beautifully!" -Rachael


"Ok - I am understanding now why you would want to have a photographer as talented as Kailen to be present when you want a moment captured so that others that aren't present can be part of that moment. I was there. And I was very touched in the moment. But seeing the pictures that captured these moments - tears just flow what can I say - as I see our youngest son, Alex propose to his best friend and love, Summer." - Barbara

"Kailen is a lovely young woman who will put you at ease in front of the camera. The beauty and creativity she captures in a moment is truly a gift." -Alice

"Beautiful young lady who does beautiful work. I highly recommend her." -Melissa

"Kailen is AMAZING! I hired her to take pictures at my two year olds birthday party and it was the best choice I ever made. I just simply wanted her to take some pictures of the day to help capture moments and memories and she went above and beyond my expectations. I was thrilled when I received the pictures. As I was looking through them, I literally felt like I was reliving the day as well as seeing so many things I missed! She has such a great talent. The quality of the photos is top notch. They couldn't have come out better. She will be hired for next years party as well!!!"


"She is simply amazing behind that camera. I really enjoyed my wedding pictures. She captured the real us!" -MaryAnn

"Great job on our family photo shoot, Kailen! We appreciate that the smile behind the camera brings out the smiles in front of the camera. <3"

-Jodi K.

"Kailen has captured many moments through out my life and every time she continually amazes me with her work. From dance pictures growing up, to photographing our new baby girl. She is amazing to work with!" -Janelle