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kailen elizabeth

Hey, I'm Kailen!

I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.  I started playing around with cameras from a young age (did anyone else have a pink Barbie polaroid?) and fell in love even more when I shot my first wedding at 16. The concept of being able to freeze a moment in time forever is so captivating to me. 
I am a wife to the best husband ever (but maybe I'm a little bias...), and a dog mom to a Great Dane and Bernese Mountain dog/Lab mix. I love being in nature and golden sunlight. I stare like a little kid out the window when I see flowering trees, mountains, or fall foliage. I'm a huge believer in encouragement, and that kindness goes a long way. 
Someone once told me I had a special way of seeing things... seeing the beauty in nature and the beauty in people... and that's what I want my photos to encompass. The beauty of YOU. The beauty of the love you share. The beauty in the moments that so quickly become memories. The beauty in your journey. 
What is your journey looking like? 
Maybe it's giddy excitement as you pick out your wedding details and wonder if this is "the dress"?
Maybe it's celebrating that you accomplished something you never knew was possible?
Maybe it's late nights with a baby who doesn't like to sleep, but oh how you can't get enough of his little cheeks?
Maybe you can't believe how fast the last 10 years went and understand the song "I thought I loved you then" more now than ever?
Whatever it is...
   life is worth celebrating. 
My grandfather was a photographer. After he passed away, we looked through hundreds of photographs he took (and photos of himself). Wow, it was so incredible to see and hold photographs of him through all the stages of his life. And in this digital age, I realized the importance and impact of printed photos.
And that's what I want for my future children and grandchildren; photographs which are 
  a physical legacy of our story...
and that's why I'm so passionate about what I do.
Fun Facts About Me:

I love dogs! I would love to meet your furry friends at your photo shoot! 

So there's a little peek into my life... I'd love to know more about yours!

Let's dive into the beauty of it..

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Our goal is to capture all the 

love, laughter, and little moments

that make your day uniquely yours.

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