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Our goal is to capture all the 


that make your day uniquely yours.


Let's capture the beauty of your story..

As I flipped through my family's photo albums, I saw a visual story of our love (the adventures we went on and the things we had a good laugh at)... Those pictures are a time capsule that bring us back to a special moment that is now only a memory. It is beautiful seeing a visual story of us. That's what I want to create for you...

a visual storytelling of your journey..


Hey, I'm Kailen.

A sunshine-loving,

wife, dog mom, and photographer based in Rocky Mount, N.C.

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"You were everywhere and yet not intrusive! You are like a hummingbird! Floating in and out of the action...always with your ever-present beautiful smile. You were so aware of everything that was going on and working so hard to capture everything! It seemed every time I thought, 'I hope someone gets a picture of that' there you were!" 

There are so many beautiful moments on your wedding day...

your mom putting on your wedding veil,

your flower girl hiding behind your dress,

the way your dad looks over at you as

he walks his baby down the aisle,

your sister's speech that makes you cry,

and your new husband whispering in your ear how much he loves you over dinner.

There are so many beautiful moments that happen in a wedding day.


And that's where I come in.



I'm here to capture all these moments so when you look at your wedding photos,

your memories are just as vivid as the photographs.

Go behind the

scenes with me on

Omar & Selena's engagement shoot.

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