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Hi! Welcome to my corner of the web!!! I'm Kailen and I've always thought of myself as a creative person (whether it be crafting, photography, or my latest endeavor- calligraphy); no matter what it is, I've always had a deep desire to create. I want to create memories to help preserve the little details we sometimes forget in our busy lives. I want people to know their value, beauty, and originality. I want to take a step back from our busy routines to enjoy the moment, and help remind you that your journey is important. Your relationships are important. You are important. I'd love to capture whatever stage of your journey you are in. 
Fun Facts:
1. Here are my two boys- my amazing husband and our Great Dane puppy... (yes, our 140lb puppy!) They are my favorites. 
2. I'm an avid pinterest-lover and quote-fanatic.
3. I love flowers! (I have a special thing for sunflowers.)
4. I'm totally ok with adding more flannels to my wardrobe.
5. I deep down 100% believe that I had the most amazing, giving and sweet grandmothers ever. I want to be  like them.
6. I'm always down for blueberry muffins and Ritz Chips. (Also, I don't drink soda or coffee.)
7. Hey, what I REALLY want you to know though (way more than all those fun facts about myself...) is that you are cared for and thought of and deeply loved. Focus on those people in your life. And spread kindness.
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