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Matt & Julianne's Classy Summer Wedding

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Matt & Julianne's relationship is truly a treasure and a testament of love to those around them. They embody a love that is gentle, kind, and adventurous... a love that everyone should wait for. Their day was stunning... filled with beautiful, handpicked foliage and light vintage touches. Julianne made the bouquets and Matt made lots of customized wood pieces. In their church, they read hand-written vows, we stopped at Montgomery Place for portraits, and then it was time to celebrate at Robert Post Park! They had a sweet traditional first dance and then surprised everyone with a fun choreographed piece! One thing that Julianne was so excited about was the food truck that came to serve wood-fired pizza. It was delicious! And to make the day even more beautiful....A DOUBLE RAINBOW. A rainbow that is a symbol of God's promises to them.

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